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Best Black Friday 2018 laptop deals



huawei matebook x proHuawei

Not every laptop is being discounted for Black Friday, but the choice is still pretty great.

This year, I’m only including laptops that come with Intel’s 8th-generation of processors (and one with an AMD chip) because there’s a significant difference between the earlier 7th-generation and 8th-generation chips. The major difference is core count, where the 8th-generation chips come with more cores, and therefore better performance, than Intel’s 7th-gen chips.  

You’ll notice that I don’t have a “budget” laptop option below. That’s because the budget laptop selection this Black Friday isn’t very enticing. The true budget selection this year mostly includes Chromebooks with Core i3 processors or Windows laptops with Pentium processors, which are fine, but I wouldn’t personally recommend either to my friends, so I wouldn’t recommend them to you, no matter how cheap they are. There are few, if any, laptops with Intel’s 8th-gen Core i3 processor running Windows 10 that have a worthy price tag or discount so far. 

Check out the best Black Friday laptop deals so far:

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