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Best antivirus programs for Windows 10: Norton, McAfee, and more



Of all the products reviewed, Webroot received the most positive feedback — over 1,000 customers gave it five stars on Amazon. Webroot offers a wide range of features, from malware detection to computer tune-ups.
Take advantage of the software by blocking and detecting viruses, malware, and ransomware, and stopping phishing and identity theft. You’ll also receive warnings about dangerous links or sites before you click on them. Like some of the other products listed, you’ll also get automatic updates on the latest software. 
Best of all, you don’t just have to use this product for Windows 10. Webroot also works on mobile and tablets with up to five devices. And unlike some similarly priced products, you’ll also get cloud storage backup thrown into the whole package. 
Though a handful of customers have complained about poor support, the majority of those who are happy with the product says it works swimmingly well. As Amazon reviewer put it:

“This operates seamlessly in the background. Non-intrusive. The absolute best customer service for anti-virus I’ve ever experienced. This was a renewal, so CD took me to internet to renew. Very fast and easy. Program includes permanent erase, which is a nice feature, and also works friendly with other anti-virus installed. Unlike some anti-virus programs that operate in the cloud, this one allows you to scan your files or computer without having to be connected to the Internet, even though overall the anti-virus works from the cloud.”

Another Amazon reviewer, , writes:

“Good program with very, very low drain on computing resources. Excellent for older, mid to lower end computers, due to it’s small footprint. Because of its cloud-based architecture, it is always current and updated. After the initial scan, most scans take a minute or two, running entirely in the background. A real relief after using resource hog competitor’s security suites!”

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