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Become an ethical hacker with this online course



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You don't have to be a secret-agent to hack, but it helps.
You don’t have to be a secret-agent to hack, but it helps.

Image: pexels

At some point in your life, sat in front of a computer screen, you have almost definitely pretended to be a hacker. Don’t deny it. 

There’s no shame in a little role-play. It’s fun to frantically scroll through pages and rattle away on the keyboard, imagining that you are cracking a code or breaking into top secret files.

It doesn’t have to be pretend, though. You can become a genuine hacker, of the ethical kind, by signing up to an online course for £9.99, down from the usual price of £29.99

All the essentials of ethical hacking and the different fields in penetration testing are covered in a course that includes:

The course promises to teach you how to hack and secure networks, as well as control the web connections of those around you, without knowing the password. That is some serious secret-agent stuff right there. 

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