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AutoX starts autonomous grocery delivery service in Bay Area



In some parts of Silicon Valley, grocery shopping just got a lot easier.

AutoX, the autonomous vehicle startup known for using low-cost, high-resolution cameras for its self-driving vehicle system instead of more common lidar sensors, launched a pilot delivery program in a section of San Jose, California, Monday. 

Through an app, customers can order and buy groceries on-demand from the online grocer GrubMarket, and an autonomous vehicle will come to the delivery location (presumably your home) and pop the trunk for you to pick up your groceries. But unlike other on-demand grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh, this one requires no humans in the delivery process.

The groceries are kept in a temperature-controlled environment in the car so you should be getting fresher produce and items. 

The self-driving car also serves as a mobile store with yogurt, juices, and other snacks and drinks available to purchase straight from the car — it kind of feels like items you’d buy while in the check-out line at the actual grocery store.

“We are enabling two shopping experiences with self-driving cars,” AutoX COO Jewel Li said in a statement about the pilot. “You can order goods from an app and get them delivered by a self-driving vehicle. Or, our self-driving car brings a shelf of goods to you, and you can select and purchase onsite in front of your house.”

Shopping curbside out of a self-driving car.

Shopping curbside out of a self-driving car.

California DMV records from last year show the company had two approved cars for road testing. And now those cars are being used for self-driving refrigerated delivery duty. This comes as Kroger’s — the biggest supermarket chain in the U.S. — launches an autonomous delivery service with Nuro. That service kicked off with a small pilot in Phoenix earlier this month.

The AutoX pilot plans to expand to other Silicon Valley cities and eventually work with other grocery companies. 

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