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Apple’s iOS 13.3 update finally lets you disable those annoying Memoji stickers



Apple has released yet another iOS 13 update, and it addresses one of the more annoying issues to crop up with Apple’s latest version of iOS.

No, I’m not talking about the normal bug fixes or iOS 13’s pesky memory management problems. I’m talking about an even bigger annoyance: the Memoji stickers that began suddenly appearing in the iPhone emoji keyboard.

Since iOS 13 expanded the availability of Memoji — previously only available on iPhones with a TrueDepth camera — thanks to “Memoji stickers,” the unicorn and ghost stickers began appearing in the “frequently used” section of the iOS keyboard. And though there were some workarounds to make them less visible, it was still a huge pain for those who had no interest in using the emoji-based stickers.

But with iOS 13.3, released Tuesday, that’s finally changing. The update adds a setting to disable Memoji stickers from the main emoji keyboard. Finally. Once you’ve updated, you can do so in Settings —> General —> Keyboards —> Memoji Stickers. 



Image: appple / screenshot

Besides banishing unwanted ghosts and unicorns, iOS 13.3 has a number of other significant changes. The update adds a new Screen Time control, aimed at parents, which allows parents to manage which contacts their kids can communicate with. It also comes with small tweaks to Apple News and Apple’s Stocks app. And, on the security side, it fixes a nasty bug that exploited AirDrop to “lock” users’ phones. (Reminder: it’s always a good idea to keep Bluetooth turned off when you’re not using it.)  

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