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Apple’s 6.1-inch iPhone to come in a bunch of new colors, report says




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These are just iPhone cases, but a new report claims Apple's upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will come in these colors.
These are just iPhone cases, but a new report claims Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will come in these colors.

Image: Apple

Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone — that’s the cheap, LCD one — is rumored to come in a variety of colors unseen since the launch of iPhone 5c

We’ve heard that in a July report by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, but now Japanese blog Macotakara claims the colors will be different from what Kuo predicted. 

Kuo claimed the 6.1-inch iPhone would come in six colors: Gold, Grey, White, Blue, Red and Orange. Macotakara on the other hand predicts the colors will be White, Black, Flash Yellow, Bright Orange, Electric Blue and Taupe

Some of these may be different names for the same thing but there’s definitely one notable difference: there’s no red in Macotakara’s prediction (which makes sense, as that color is typically reserved for Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED launches. 

We’ve already seen most of Macotakara’s predicted colors in the colors of iPhone cases that are being sold on Apple’s website

"Taupe" is a pretty interesting color, don't you think?

“Taupe” is a pretty interesting color, don’t you think?

The smorgasbord of colors will likely only be available for the mid-tier, 6.1-inch iPhone. Apple is rumored to be planning to launch two other devices this year: a 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch, OLED variants with a higher price tag. Those two phones are rumored to come in three colors only: grey, silver and gold. 

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