phonekryhov/ShutterstockApple completely redesigned the iPhone’s App Store last September with the release of iOS 11 — and Apple’s efforts appear to be paying off.

In the first six months of iOS 11 availability, app downloads have soared, according to app analytics firm Sensor Tower (via 9to5Mac).

It’s a simple case of cause-and-effect: People are downloading more apps because Apple has found better ways to feature them.

In addition to Apple’s “daily stories,” which highlight a single app, plus its daily games and apps of the day, Apple also has its App Store editors curating themed lists of apps every single day, like apps that can help you be a better cook, or apps to help you keep your kids entertained.

Recently, Apple’s App Store editors created a daily list called “Does This App Come In Black?“, which highlighted 16 iOS apps that offer a “pure black mode.”

Darker themes are softer on the eyes, especially at night, but apps with a pure-black mode are also a great way to take advantage of the gorgeous OLED screen on the iPhone X, which can display far greater contrast than the LCD displays on previous iPhones. Colors look more vibrant, and blacks and dark colors look much deeper. If you own an iPhone X, you owe it to yourself to try more apps with darker themes.

These are the 16 iPhone apps with a “pure black mode” that were hand-picked by Apple’s App Store editors — and a few other choice apps and avenues we’ve thrown in for good measure, for those people who really want to embrace the dark side of their OLED phone: