Tim CookTim Cook, the CEO of Apple, which has held two press events in the last two months to announce new products.Yves Herman/Reuters

If you were hoping that Apple would unveil an updated version of its popular AirPod headphones at its press event on Tuesday, you were out of luck.

The company used the event to refresh its lineup of iPad Pro tablets and to finally update its aging Mac Mini desktop and MacBook Air computers. But despite rumors and reports circulating before the event, it didn’t launch a new set of AirPods.

And that wasn’t all that the company left out. Although Apple has held two press events in the last two months to showcase updates and show off new products, it’s left a slew of notable gadgets in its lineup untouched or unannounced.

That’s a good indication that those products won’t come out this year. Apple generally holds no more than two fall press events and sometimes only one. Whatever significant products it planned to launch this year almost certainly would have been announced at one of those two events — though Apple could, of course, still have some surprises up its sleeve.

Here are some of the Apple products we’re still pining for: