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Apple Card owners now get 3 percent cashback on Walgreens purchases



Apple Card already offers some of the best cashback rewards you can get, and it keeps getting better. 

Starting today, Walgreens customers who use Apple Card with Apple Pay on eligible purchases will get 3 percent Daily Cash (via 9to5Mac). The offer also extends to purchases on the Walgreens website and through the Walgreens app. 

Walgreens says the offer will work with “all eligible health, beauty, personal care, household and seasonal products (…) including medicines and prescriptions.” 

Apple Card owners now get 3 percent cashback on Walgreens purchases

Although the card has been out less than a month, this is the second time Apple has expanded the 3 percent Daily Cash program, which was originally only for purchases from Apple. A few weeks ago, coinciding with the Card’s wider release in the U.S., Uber and Uber Eats were included in the program. The company said at the time it would be adding more merchants and apps in the months to come. 

As far as cashback rewards go, 3 percent is pretty great, and if Apple keeps adding popular merchants like these, it’ll soon be hard to beat. 

It wouldn’t hurt if the rules were a bit simpler, though. For example, the 3 percent reward will only work if you use Apple Pay; if you use the actual, physical Apple Card, you’ll only get 1 percent. 

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