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  • Amazon opened its first cashier-less Amazon Go store in San Francisco this week and it’s located in the Financial District at 300 California Street. 
  • The store is pretty much a modern corner store — complete with candy, frozen pizzas, and chips —along with some fresh pre-packaged lunch options.
  • Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology worked seamlessly in our experience, though first-time shoppers can be a bit hesitant upon exiting. 
  • Employees are excited about the future of the store and say that even without cashiers, there’s plenty of work to be done. 

On Tuesday, the cashier-less Amazon Go store opened in San Francisco.

Amazon Go is the company’s vision for the future of shopping. The store uses cameras, sensors and other technology to track the goods you pick off the shelves and automatically charges it to your account when you walk out. No waiting in line. 

Amazon opened its first Go store in its hometown of Seattle in 2016. There’s one in Chicago. And now it’s expanding to San Francisco. 

We stopped by the new store at 300 California Street to grab a sandwich and see what Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” shopping experience was like. 

Here’s what we found: