Amazon Fire TV CubeAmazon

As much as technology simplifies our lives, it can simultaneously introduce plenty of unique complications.

Our smart TVs are separate from our smart speakers, which are separate from our smartphones. We have multiple TV streaming accounts and multiple music streaming accounts, and no easy way to access them all at once. 

This is where Amazon‘s new Fire TV Cube comes in. 

The device — which regularly costs $120, but is on sale for $60 for Black Friday — seems aimed at becoming something of a hub, a place where your home technology and your entertainment technology live together in harmony. 

In theory, this is a solid premise. When I first heard about all the Fire TV Cube would be able to do, and got a demo of the device, I was blown away. This product, I thought, would solve any and all of my smart home woes.

But in practice, the Fire TV is more complicated than that. While it simplified my life in a lot of ways, it also created new, unforeseen issues. Even after nearly two weeks of using it, I’m still not sure how to feel about it. 

Here’s everything I love and hate about using the Amazon Fire TV Cube: