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Amazon Echo Dot 2 possibly leaked in new photos



Alleged amazon echo dotFrAndroid

  • FrAndroid released an exclusive story on what a leaker
    claims to be photos of an unreleased Amazon Echo
  • The source claims the Dot is currently being tested by
    Amazon employees, and will be part of the third generation of
    Amazon Echo devices. 
  • The source also claims that the sound no longer comes
    from the top of the device, as it did with previous Echo Dots,
    and there is a mesh-like fabric around the edge of the

A French website has posted photos of what it claims to be an
unreleased version of a new Amazon
Echo Dot

FrAndroid, a French news site, says the alleged new Echo Dot has
been improved for the third generation, after not seeing much
change in the second generation.

The photos were
provided to FrAndroid
by a source who claims the unreleased
Dots are being tested by Amazon employees. There’s no
confirmation that this is a legitimate leak, so these images
should not be immediately assumed to be real. Take everything
with a grain of salt.

The most prominent potential change is the addition of the
mesh-like fabric on the sides of the device — and the source said
the sound no longer comes from the top of the Echo Dot, as it did
with previous versions. The sub-optimal sound quality of Echo Dot
devices has been a concern with consumers in the past. 

The top four buttons are consistent with previous Amazon Echo
devices, but the mute button appears to be different than what’s
included on the second-generation Echo Dot. Instead of a
microphone with a slash through it, sa the previous Dot has, this
button appears to have a circle with a slash through it, which is
the button that’s included on the newer Amazon Echo Spot devices
— used to both mute sound and turn off the camera. If this is a
legitimate leak, it could be a sign that Amazon is moving toward
making that mute button universal. 

Echo dot buttons
diagram from Amazon shows the mute button on the current Echo
Dot, which differs from the allegedly unreleased


The current family of Amazon Echo devices includes:
Echo Dot
Echo Spot
Echo Plus
Echo Show
, and
Echo Look

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