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Amazon devices are on sale for Alexa’s birthday celebration



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"Alexa, happy birthday."
“Alexa, happy birthday.”

Image: amazon / mashable composite

TL;DR: Amazon’s Alexa is turning 5, so select Alexa-enabled devices are on sale with deals starting at $29.99.

We’re coming at you with some very important news today: Alexa is a Scorpio. Amazon’s smart assistant is celebrating its birthday, because apparently celebrating robots’s birthdays is a thing we do now. Welcome to the future.

Alexa is turning 5 years old, and we all get to partake in the festivities. Amazon is offering deals on tons of Alexa-enabled devices likes Echos, tablets, Fire TV, and more. Deals start as low as $29.99. Check out everything included in the sale below.

Save on Echo devices and more.

Save on Echo devices and more.

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