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  • The video game industry’s annual awards show, The Game Awards, takes place on Thursday night.
  • More than just an awards show, The Game Awards is a big opportunity for game makers to announce new projects or tease upcoming ones.
  • With just over 24 hours to go, a handful of announcements have begun trickling out early.

On Thursday evening, the video game industry celebrates the year in games with its annual award show: The Game Awards

Unlike the Oscars, this is no black-tie affair; The Game Awards are an annual opportunity to announce new games, offer updates on hotly-anticipated titles, and go into further detail on soon-to-be released games. Awards are given out, and people do indeed dress up, but it’s part awards show, part marketing event. 

And like so many similar events before it, several major announcements have already begun to leak or be officially teased. 

Here’s what we’re seeing so far: