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A woman shamed a wedding guest for wearing an ‘absurdly short dress’




With wedding season in full swing, the internet is swarming with wedding horror stories, fashion faux pas, and breaches of party etiquette. But one woman’s recent complaint about a wedding guest’s “inappropriate” dress length has not gained sympathy from others.

The woman shared a photo from a friend’s sister’s wedding on “That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming” — a closed Facebook group that describes itself as devoted to “cringe-worthy weddings [and] wedding-related events” — to point out what she called an “absurdly short dress” worn by one of the guests.

“You can totally see all the way up to her underwear,” she wrote in the post. “I think it’s inappropriate.”

Although the original poster noted that the bride “looked lovely and [the couple has] a nice relationship,” she also criticized “the picture quality and location and composition in general.”

The original post in “That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming.”

Commenters on the post largely didn’t see anything wrong with the dress

At the time of writing, almost all of the comments on the post express disagreement with the original poster’s sentiments.

“That’s not underwear, that’s the lining of the dress,” one Facebook user commented. “Customarily, dresses with a sheer layer are lined with an internal layer which conceals the wearer’s underwear, skin, and body parts which the public deem indecent. If you’d bothered to look at the dress without your judgment goggles on for 3 more seconds, you’d have noticed that.”

“Well that’s a reach and a half, I’ve seen far worse at church,” someone else agreed.

“I don’t see her underwear at all,” another commenter wrote. “Just because her dress isn’t to her knees like almost everyone else doesn’t mean hers is too short.”

“Some dresses appear shorter in high heels,” someone else pointed out.

“Inappropriate? For a courthouse wedding? I didn’t realize there was standard dress attire for a courthouse wedding, but whatever,” a fifth comment read.

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Other users pointed out the fact that other women in the photo appeared to be wearing similarly short dresses.

“Sure, will agree the photo could have been better but ‘it can always be better,'” someone wrote in the comments. “It’s tacky-cute. The dress is a bit short but there’s a few short dresses in this photo if we’re playing that game.”

“It’s barely any shorter than the teal one,” another person added. “Anyway who cares, it’s a courthouse wedding, it’s nice their friends/relatives etc took the time to dress up and celebrate their day with them. The outfits all look perfectly fine for what was probably something like a lunch out or backyard party following the ceremony.”

Depending on the theme or style of a wedding, guests may be asked to adhere to a dress code

While in the case of a courthouse wedding, like the one above, it’s likely that there wouldn’t be a dress code, some extravagant affairs have had strict rules regarding what guests should and should not wear.

Before lawyer-turned-influencer Pia Muehlenbeck married filmmaker Kane Vato in December 2018, the duo made headlines for asking their guests to wear “natural earth tones.” Photos from the wedding show partygoers donning muted shades of pink, beige, and white.

In September 2018, another set of wedding instructions went viral after the wedding planner sent a list of demands to all guests that prohibited partygoers from wearing “a full face of makeup” or their hair in any style other than “a basic bob or ponytail.” The email also warned those invited that they would not be admitted to the party if they did not arrive with a gift worth $75 or more.

INSIDER has reached out to wedding experts for comment.

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