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A weird, but hilarious Pixel 3 XL bug is giving them a second notch



More notch, please.
More notch, please.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

Now this is one strange bug.

Some Pixel 3 XL phones are getting an second notch on the side of the phone’s screen. Of course, it’s a software notch, rather than the built-in hardware notch, which contains the front-facing camera and sensors.

A number of users posted the bug on social media, and there’s a Reddit thread of people who’ve noticed the issue too. The problem appears to be fixed with a restart or by tinkering wth the developer settings, so luckily it’s nothing too serious. 

It does look hilarious, though.

A Google spokesperson told Android Police that a fix is “coming soon” for the bug. Keep your eyes peeled, unless you’re really into the double notch thing.

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