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A wearable, vibration massage machine for 32



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It's like having your own personal masseuse that you can take anywhere.
It’s like having your own personal masseuse that you can take anywhere.


Thanks to Jane Fonda, “no pain, no gain” has become the perpetual mantra of many a fitness buff. And she’s not wrong! As you work hard on your rock-solid abs and biceps, you also get stiff muscles, sore legs, and a spine that feels like a corkscrew. That’s lactic acid working for ya!

While you could always throw money at Groupon to score deals on spa massages, we have another solution in mind.

For your neck, back, and anything that needs a crack, the MYOVOLT Multi-Fit Massager Kit was designed to warm up, loosen, and relax sore or rigid muscles. It’s a wearable vibration massage garment that you can use before and/or after each sweat session or any other time you feel tense.

The kit includes an adjustable multi-fit wrap that can accommodate a wide array of muscle and joint groups, including the arms, legs, core, and neck. You can take your pick from three different massage programs depending on the type of relief you want to get. Since it’s portable, you can get a massage treatment anytime and anywhere you are — it’s even TSA-approved.

Neck massager vibration device

If you only want to focus on certain areas of the body, MYOVOLT also has kits available for your shoulders, knees, and perennially cranky back. These massagers work the same as the Multi-Fit, but they deliver targeted comfort on especially problematic regions. All you would have to do is wrap them around the body part that needs soothing, and let MYOVOLT provide instant relief.

Usually $129, the MYOVOLT Massager Kits — multi-fit, shoulder, knee and leg, and back — are now on sale at the Mashable Shop for $87 — a savings of 32%.

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