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A two-year subscription to these monthly coding webinars is on sale for just $19



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The question that refuses to go away: is college relevant? The debate’s been raging for a while, with alternative education programs such as coding bootcamps and MOOCs popping up as alternatives to a pricey four-year education. (And considering that the aftermath of this year’s college admissions scandal continues to reverberate, we can’t blame folks for seeking alternatives.)

Certainly, there is a tradeoff with online courses, as most are pre-recorded and pre-scripted with a set curriculum. Still, many students cite convenience and affordability as the most important things, so they’re willing to go without the live instruction. Why go back to formal schooling when you can learn on your own time? That’s certainly been the case with most courses we’ve written about, but the DevGuides Live Webinars are different. 

With DevGuides you’ll get hands-on instruction of live monthly JavaScript development webinars. If you’re craving the accountability and structure that comes with taking live courses, then this is perfect. (Not something that comes with most online courses, mind you.)

You’ll also get projects in which you’ll be walked through how to build real-life features in React and Vue JS. Some of the things you’ll learn how to do include working with APIs, building a blog, crafting an animated login form, and much more. The cherry on top: you’ll have access to source code to supplement your education. Plus, access an archive of past webinars to review material on your own time, so you don’t have to feel too much pressure if you really have to miss a class. 

The monthly webinars kick off in April 2019 and occur monthly until March 2021. They’re starting soon, so if you’re not keen on missing any material, it’s best if you sign up as soon as possible.

The DevGuides programming subscriptions are worth $300, but for a limited time you can get one starting at $19.

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