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A broadband deal without the hassle



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Hidden charges are not welcome here.
Hidden charges are not welcome here.

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Signing up to a new Broadband deal can seem pretty daunting, especially when a contract appears to be straightforward but ends up having hidden charges and an irritating switching process. 

A new broadband deal from Now TV, called Now Broadband (surprise, surprise), promises to take care of all the annoying details of switching providers, whilst providing flexibility and reliability. 

Now Broadband is available for £18 a month, and includes free anytime calls. The deal is an introductory 12 month offer for new broadband customers, requiring no set-up fee and including line rental in the cost. It does, however, charge £9.99 for delivery.

Intending to remove the hassle out of a new broadband deal, Now Broadband make a few enticing promises. They will deal with your current provider so you don’t have to, there is a no contract option meaning you can dip in and out whenever you wish, and all their broadband options are uncapped, meaning there are no dodgy charges. A hassle free broadband deal is worth its weight in gold.


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