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9 simple ways to add exercise into your work and home routines



treadmill running working out gym Scott Barbour/Getty Images

  • Many people struggle to find the time to exercise during the busy work week.
  • We asked experts simple ways you can incorporate exercise into your work and home routines.
  • Simple changes like parking farther away from your destination and exercising while walking your dog can make a big difference.
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Although workout studios and in-home workouts are on the rise, exercising is still a challenge for many.

Finding the time and drive to work out is still a major barrier for a good chunk of men and women hoping to improve their fitness.

Luckily, there are are some simple strategies you can incorporate into your work and home routines that will help you get a workout while staying productive.

We asked trainers and nutritionists for the best ways you can work exercise into your everyday life in a seamless, cost-effective, and easy way.

Here’s their best advice.

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