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8 tech gifts that won’t fail this holiday season




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Don't stress this holiday season, these gifts won't fail to impress.
Don’t stress this holiday season, these gifts won’t fail to impress.

Image: bob al-greene/mashable

We get it: You’re busy.

So busy, in fact, that you don’t have time to parse dozens of lists to find the right tech gifts for the people in your life. You just want to pick something that you know pretty much anyone would be grateful to get. And it’s not cables.

Well, we’ve got the only list you need right here. These aren’t necessarily the hottest gifts of the season, but they’re tech that everybody likes, needs, or at least could use. If you want something good and relatively risk-free, here’s what you should pick from.


The Echo Dot has always been the entry-level Alexa speaker from Amazon. But for 2018 it got a redesign with a mesh outer shell and a big improvement with sound. Better yet it stays at the same $49.99 price point. You can still control your smart home, find out if you need umbrella, and use thousands of Alexa skills.

Price: Amazon Echo Dot $49.99 from

Image: jake krol/mashable

Whether you have a smart speaker or not, the Wemo Mini smart plug gives anyone with an iOS or Android device a taste of the smart home for just $34.99

It’s dirt simple: Just plug it into a normal outlet, download the app, connect it to your WiFi, and you’ll be set. It works via the Wemo app, and you can link it to Google, Alexa, or even HomeKit. Whatever your smart home situation, you could use at least one of these.

Price: Wemo Mini $34.99 from

AirPods are a no-brainer gift this holiday season.

AirPods are a no-brainer gift this holiday season.

The now ubiquitous truly wireless earphones from Apple are a top gift (and have been since the 2016 launch). I’ve had my pair since day one and swear by them each and everyday. For anyone with an iPhone, this is a great go-to gift. They already have AirPods? How about an accessory kit that turns them into sport earphones?

Price: Apple AirPods $159.99 from

Image: Zlata ivleva/mashable

Tile pioneered the Bluetooth tracker category with its relatively inexpensive plastic trackers that will prevent you from misplacing things. Thanks to a built-in key ring you can attach the Tile Mate and Pro trackers to your keys, your umbrella, or even your dog. Some of the trackers even have adhesive backs so you can stick them to a laptop. 

Once paired with the iOS or Android app, you can ring it and even see it on map. And the new trackers even have replaceable batteries so they’ll last and last.

Price: Tile Mate $24.99 on


The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is definitely small given that it can fit in the palm of you hand. But it packs a punch with sound that plays in every direction.

Price: Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom $99.99 on

Now that iPhones support wireless charging, the accessories market has been exploding with new pads. This combination stand and wireless charger from Anker is perfect for your desk or even nightstand. It’s Qi-certified so it will work iPhones and Androids a like. 

Price: Anker Wireless Charger $19.99 on Amazon


Mesh WiFi, where replace a single routers with several access points throughout your house to create a more stable connection, is a growing trend. Samsung’s version is called SmartThings WiFi, which powers home internet with three nodes, and each also acts as smart home hub. 

Price: Samsung Smart Things WiFi $277.19 on

The obvious color choice of the Nintendo Switch is neon model.

The obvious color choice of the Nintendo Switch is neon model.

History has judged the Switch to be a winner. Nintendo’s latest console gives you the best of both worlds: a TV console and a portable gaming machine. It has a ton of titles, both old and new, and the gameplay is some of the most exciting in home consoles today. A great choice for the person on your list who deserves a holiday splurge.

Price: Nintendo Switch $299.99 on

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