frozen“Frozen.”Walt Disney PicturesIf you’re like us, it can be frustrating when the movie you want to see isn’t available on Netflix or another streaming service you subscribe to.

Then you have to wade into the world of rentals and decide whether it’s worth the extra money to watch.

Many of us just default to whatever our go-to rental service is, be it iTunes or Amazon or something else.

But there can actually be some variation in the price of rentals.

One service in particular you might not know about is FandangoNOW, the streaming service from movie ticketing site Fandango, which owns Rotten Tomatoes. The company has begun a monthly highlight of titles in its library that only cost $2.99 to rent ($2.49 if you don’t care to watch it in HD) and are rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

The site passed its August list to Business Insider early.

Here are 8 titles that we think are worth your time, including greats like “Frozen” and “The Hunger Games,” that are cheaper on FandangoNOW than on iTunes or Amazon.