women meeting work talkingThere’s a lot you can learn in just one year.Girl Geek Academy/Flickr

  • Amazon hires fresh college graduates and those with decades of experience alike.
  • Corey Salzer started working at Amazon Web Services shortly after graduating from the University of Washington in St. Louis in 2017.
  • Below, she reveals some of the most important soft skills she learned in her first year at Amazon. 

Corey Salzer is a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services, the internet company’s cloud computing arm that provides solutions for companies ranging from Unilever to Spotify to Comcast.

She’s only been in the position for a year, but she told Business Insider it’s felt like much longer. 

Corey SalzerCorey SalzerCourtesy of Amazon

“I’ve seen how every type of company runs their technology — what questions they’re asking, what types of things they’re looking to do, whether it’s machine learning or IOT or networking or database,” Salzer told Business Insider.

And while gaining new insights on different companies has been fascinating, Salzer also said she’s learned a lot about the soft skills needed to flourish in the workplace: how to balance confidence with humility, the value of getting involved, and more.

Here are the soft skills that this 23-year-old learned in her first year at Amazon: