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7 of the best outdoor security cameras on Amazon



Not every house lends itself to traditional security cameras. It could be the material on the outside of the house getting in the way, or a lack of good spots along the edge of the roof. That doesn’t mean you have to go without security cameras, you’ll just need ones that can be more versatile in their setup.
Canary Flex security cameras are ideal if you’re looking for flexibility. They’re small, un-invasive cameras that can be set up wherever you may need on the property with the ability to adjust the camera to shoot in the direction you need it to.
The cameras sport a 116-degree wide-angle camera, the ideal range you’d want out of your security camera. And like most other cameras, recording is set off by motion detection along with night vision to catch any late night passersby.
It’s also completely wireless, so no dealing with tangling cables for power or recording. Instead, all clips are saved for 24 hours, and you’ll have access on your phone or tablet. You can sign up to get a month of recordings, too.
What really helps with this system’s versatility is the 360-degree swivel-base. Once set up, you can set the camera to the angle you need it at in order to catch those pesky raccoons breaking into your garbage at night. It also means you have the freedom to set the cameras up anywhere you like, since you can re-angle the camera without re-mounting.
Completely wireless, this system works off of batteries. The Canary Flex has a built-in rechargeable battery, so all you have to do is mount and angle. But that does mean having to take it down to recharge it and having to place it back in the ideal spot you took it from.
It also suffers the same problem several small security cameras do, which is a limited range on night vision. In order to get any clear recordings, whatever trips the camera needs to be within 20 feet. If not, you’ll be stuck with grainy recordings.

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