new nintendo 3ds xlJonathan Leibson/Getty Images

  • The Nintendo Switch is a bonafide hit, and a great console on its own merits. 
  • But the Nintendo 3DS family of portable systems might be a better bet for younger Nintendo fans, especially. 
  • The consoles are cheaper — the Switch costs $300; the most expensive 3DS is $199. 
  • The games are plentiful — the 3DS boasts some all-time great games in the “Super Mario” and “Legend of Zelda” franchises, plus lots and lots of others. 
  • For the holiday season, Nintendo is selling an $80 2DS console, which can play just about every 3DS game, bundled with “Super Mario Maker.” It’s an amazing deal.

Nintendo is on one of the hottest streaks of its 128-year history: The new Nintendo Switch console is a bona fide smash hit, with lots of amazing games available and more to come. 

But while the Nintendo Switch is super-great, I’d urge you to at least think twice about picking one up.

While all eyes are on the Switch, the 8-year-old Nintendo 3DS has quietly become one of the best deals in video-game history. You can get started with the Nintendo 3DS for a lot less than the Switch, and play some of the very best games of this or any other generation. It’s especially great for the younger generation — the consoles and games are both cheaper, and there are so many timeless classics for them to enjoy.

Here are a few reasons why the Nintendo 3DS might be the console to pick up for the young Nintendo fan in your life this holiday season.