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16 essentials to pack for your next beach trip




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It’s 2019, and before you head out for this year’s inaugural beach weekend to celebrate our service members, let’s get a few things straight: Chemical-based sunscreens aren’t just killing the reefs, they could even be hurting you, so it might be time to switch to mineral-based ones.

Then there are umbrellas, which aren’t just cumbersome; they blow away and hurt people (they are also notoriously flimsy and prone to breaking), so maybe it’s time to switch to a more portable tent-like beach shelter.

There are also plenty of good sunglasses you can bring to the beach and not worry about losing, so leave the Persols at home and grab a pair of these (they even float in water).

And sure, there’s a lot of fuss about Yeti coolers, and they are great, but they’re kinda heavy, and you don’t need all that insulation for a day at the beach. Try something a little more carry-friendly like AO Coolers’ vinyl series for your sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.

You’ll have to take this one for what it’s worth, but similar to Dave Barry and his endless hunt for the perfect breakfast beer, I am on an eternal endeavor to discover the ultimate beach blanket, and I really think I’ve found it this time.

Lastly, aren’t there enough forsaken plastics in our oceans yet? How about some biodegradable beach toys for the kids?

Read on for 16 of our favorite beach-day essentials:

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