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10 things in tech you need to know today, November 7



Marc Benioff Elon Musk
Musk agreed to build tunnels in San Francisco after Mark Benioff
asked him on Twitter.

Insider; Kimberly White/Getty Images for Fortune; Stephan
Savoia/AP Images

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this

  1. Amazon employees are gearing up to confront CEO Jeff Bezos at
    an all-staff meeting this week about selling facial recognition
    software to law enforcement
    Employees are
    urging their colleagues to put pressure on the company at an
    all-staff meeting Thursday by inundating CEO Jeff Bezos with
    questions, Recode reports.

  2. Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian says “hustle porn” is “one of the most
    toxic, dangerous things in tech right now” at Web Summit on
    “Hustle porn” is the fetishization of
    extremely long working hours, and Ohanian said he let his own
    mental health go when he built Reddit.

  3. Marc Benioff invited Elon Musk to dig tunnels in San
    Francisco for a new transportation system, and the Tesla
    founder accepted
    The Salesforce CEO asked Musk on
    Twitter whether the Boring Company could come to San Francisco,
    and Musk replied: “Sure, we can do it.”
  4. Facebook said
    that the 100 accounts it removed ahead of the midterm elections
    for “inauthentic behavior” may well be
     Facebook’s head of cyber security
    policy told TechCrunch that the company blocked over 100
    accounts after receiving a tip-off from law enforcement that
    they could be connected to the Russia-based Internet Research

  5. A federal judge ruled that chip seller Qualcomm must license
    some of its technology to competitors
    preliminary ruling came in an antitrust lawsuit against
    Qualcomm brought by the US Federal Trade Commission in early

  6. The FCC is calling for all phone carriers to implement
    effective caller ID by 2019
    The FCC’s Chairman
    Ajit Pai said this was important in combating “illegal

  7. The president of Samsung says “we should really worry about
    ethics” as artificial intelligence moves into your
    Samsung Electronics president Young Sohn told
    Business Insider about his concerns around AI exploits health
    and DNA data.

  8. One of Microsoft’s fastest-rising stars is leaving the company
    with the intention of “getting back to building new
    Javier Soltero, who came to Microsoft
    after his startup, Acompli, was acquired in 2014, is leaving
    after four years.

  9. Samsung is hinting that it will reveal its long-awaited
    foldable phone on November 7
    Samsung’s foldable
    phone has been nicknamed “Galaxy F” and “Galaxy X.”
  10. Tinder’s paying user base went up from
    3.8 million last quarter to 4.1 million this quarter, and is
    projected to bring in $800 million in revenue this
    Tinder’s parent company Match Group
    surpassed its forecasted revenue for Q3.

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