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10 things in tech you need to know today, November 30



Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather was fined by the SEC for promoting an

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Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

  1. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in an all-hands meeting that
    the company deserves some fault after its self-driving car
    killed a pedestrian
    During an all-hands meeting
    at Uber on Tuesday, Khosrowshahi and the head of the
    self-driving car unit, Eric Meyhofer, were questioned by
    employees about the culture at the autonomous-car unit.

  2. Google’s Dragonfly execs didn’t take written notes and isolated
    internal teams to hide China search plans from other
    The Intercept published a report on
    Thursday describing the efforts at Google to push aside
    internal security and privacy concerns over its controversial
    project, Dragonfly.

  3. Sheryl Sandberg reportedly wanted to know if George Soros, who
    publicly criticized Facebook, was shorting the company’s
    This comes after it was revealed that
    Facebook had a relationship with the opposition-research firm,
    Definers Public Affairs.

  4. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and DJ Khaled will each pay more than
    $100,000 in fines to settle charges that they illegally touted
    Mayweather received $100,000 from
    cryptocurrency comany Centra Tech to promote its ICO, while
    Khaled was paid $50,000.

  5. Nintendo had a record-setting Black Friday weekend, but Switch
    sales are still lower than expected after a slow
    Nintendo also revealed that 8 million Switch
    consoles have been purchased in the US since its launch in
    March 2017. The company expects to sell 38 million Switch units
    worldwide by March 2019.

  6. The software for Sennheiser’s high-end headphones has a bizarre
    and potentially dangerous bug that makes users vulnerable to
    Sennheiser has issued an update which
    every HeadSetup user, past or present, should download and
    install now.

  7. The CEOs of Microsoft and Google are heading to the White House
    next week
    Tech executives including Microsoft CEO
    Satya Nadella and Google CEO Sundar Pichai are expected to
    attend a meeting with the Trump administration next week.

  8. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is putting up $6.1 million to turn
    a hotel into transitional housing for San Francisco’s homeless
    The housing-renovation project is a
    partnership between Benioff, San Francisco mayor London Breed,
    and the local homeless advocacy group Tenderloin Housing

  9. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says the best day of his year was when
    Amazon turned off its largest Oracle data
    On November 1, Amazon switched off its
    largest Oracle database and moved over to its own data
    warehouse, Redshift.

  10. E-scooters are sending dozens of people to emergency rooms, and
    the companies appear to have a double standards when it comes
    to safety
    In Austin alone, one emergency room is
    seeing 10 injuries a day from scooters, the hospital’s ER
    director told CNET.

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