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10 things in tech you need to know today, November 29



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Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this

  1. Internal documents show Facebook considered charging
    advertisers and developers for access to user data, The Wall
    Street Journal reports
    The documents are from
    court filings in the US, and are a small window on a cache
    of papers British politician Damian Collins plans to publish.

  2. Elon Musk’s Boring Company axed plans to build a massive tunnel
    under Los Angeles
    The decision came after several
    local groups sued the city over its plan to exempt the project
    from environmental regulations and The Boring Company settled
    with them.

  3. Microsoft surpassed Apple as the most valuable US company when
    markets opened on Wednesday
    Apple stock is on
    course to have its worst month since 2008, dropping 21% and
    wiping out over $200 billion in value.

  4. Uber’s plan to buy UK delivery giant Deliveroo has stalled,
    with the two sides said to be “miles apart” on
    Uber reportedly offered less than the
    company’s current $2 billion valuation, while Deliveroo is
    pushing for $4 billion.

  5. Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy roasted Larry Ellison by
    turning the Oracle founder into a cartoon-like face peeking
    over a wall
    “People are sick of it, and now they
    have choice,” Jassy said of Oracle’s databases.

  6. A San Francisco politician is trying to get Mark Zuckerberg’s
    name removed from the hospital to which he donated $75
    Earlier this year, nurses at the
    Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital protested the
    facility’s attachment to the Facebook CEO.

  7. The FTC will investigate whether a multi-billion dollar
    business model is getting kids hooked on gambling through video
    The Federal Trade Commission will
    investigate the use of loot box micro-transactions in video
    games at the request of US Senator Maggie Hassan of New

  8. Facebook is expanding its local news feature “Today In” to more
    than 400 US cities
    “Today In” shows users news,
    posts, and events from their local area, but it also provides a
    new avenue through which misinformation and fake news could

  9. You can now buy a Big Mouth Billy Bass that works with Amazon
    The fish’s lips will even sync up with what
    Alexa is saying.
  10. Amazon is releasing a $400
    self-driving toy car.
    You can program the
    DeepRacer to drive itself via a technique called reinforcement
    learning, which means it learns through trial and error.

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