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10 things in tech you need to know today, August 24



Sony aibo robot dog

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

1. Microsoft
is reportedly being investigated by US authorities for potential
bribery and corruption over software sales in
The Department of Justice and SEC are
probing how the company sold software like Word and Excel to
firms who then sold them on to Hungarian government agencies, the
Washington Post reports.

Leaked documents and interviews show Facebook’s struggle to
moderate two billion

A large-scale Motherboard
investigation dove into the heart of Facebook’s moderation

3. Lisa
Brennan-Jobs revealed more details from her memoir about life
with her father Steve Jobs
A new memoir titled
“Small Fry,” written by Steve Jobs’ daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs,
provides a brutal window into the Apple cofounder’s relationship
with his child.

Facebook has hired a new CMO to try and repair its image after
its scandal-filled year
Facebook has hired a
new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Antonio Lucio
who previously held the same role at HP, and was at Visa and
Pepsi before that. 

Sony is relaunching the “Aibo” robot dog released in 1999, and it
says the new version uses ‘deep learning’ and has cloud-based
The “Aibo” was originally discontinued in
2006, this is an updated model of the robot dog companion, which
saw a release in Japan last year.

6. A
ton of Tesla employees are getting poached by Apple, once dubbed
the “Tesla Graveyard” by Elon Musk
Tesla and
Apple compete for the same talent in fields like software,
batteries, supply chain, and mechanical engineering.

It looks like Microsoft is planning a new ‘Xbox All Access’
monthly subscription which includes a console

According to Windows Central and The Verge, the subscription
would include an Xbox console, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass
subscriptions — and it would be cheaper than buying each item

Russian trolls were discovered to be “spreading discord” about
vaccinations online
Researchers at George
Washington University discovered the Russian accounts, which
disseminated both pro- and anti-vaccine content.

The wood pellet salesman who spent more than three years as a
fugitive after being charged with trying to defraud Mark
Zuckerberg out of 50% of Facebook has been arrested in
The New York man may be extradited.

Apple is making a TV show out of the book that inspired Elon Musk
to go to space
 The series will be based on
“Foundation,” a classic 1951 novel by Issac Asimov, which is
considered a cornerstone of

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