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10 summer gadget deals this weekend: Save up to 80%



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The Lagu sand repelling beach towel keeps the sand away so you can soak up the sun sans scratchiness.
The Lagu sand repelling beach towel keeps the sand away so you can soak up the sun sans scratchiness.

Image: lagu 

Aside from maybe a drink or two, what better way is there to *officially* kick off the summer than with a really great sale? Whether you’re looking for gear for your upcoming vacation, trying to upgrade your home setup for a staycation, or need new ways to pass the time to avoid FOMO, grab your wallet. 

Everything listed below is on sale in the Mashable Shop:

If your idea of a perfect summer includes binge-watching and video games, but your internet connection disagrees, this Rock Space Wi-Fi Range Extender could help you out. It extends your Wi-Fi coverage 360 degrees by up to 1,291 square feet, making dead zones a thing of the past. Plop yourself anywhere in or around your house and stream, game, or browse however long you want. There’s even a smart indicator that will tell you where the strongest spot is.

Usually $60, the Rock Space Wi-Fi Range Extender is just $25 on sale — 58% off.

Perhaps you want to use your downtime this season to learn a new skill. Why not try your hand at the lucrative world of robotics and coding? This rero:micro Coding Robot Kit makes expanding your STEM and coding knowledge enjoyable by providing your very own robot and walking you through a 10-lesson, step-by-step guide.

Typically $112.50, you can save a few bucks and pick up this DIY robotics kit for $99.99 on sale.

With more and more Qi-compatible devices coming out, wireless charging is basically the new norm. But having to tote a bunch of separate wireless chargers with you kind of defeats the purpose, amirite? This wireless charging pad offers the perfect solution: 3-in-1 charging. You can juice up your smartphone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds all at the same time, and fast, just by placing them on top of this pad. A regular charger could never.

Originally $150, the AirZeus 3-in-1 fast wireless charging pad is on sale now for just $45. That’s a whopping 70% off.

Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but many of us are cramming in as much work and exercise as possible before our vacations — and that’s stressful as heck. Do yourself a favor and grab one of these Belmint heated Shiatsu kneading massagers while they’re on sale so you can get a deep, soothing massage on the days you need it. It’s like having a personal professional masseuse at your beck and call. The U-shaped design means you can basically use it anywhere on your body and at just 3.25 pounds, you can bring it with you anywhere.

Typically this Heated Shiatsu Massager would run you $70, but you can grab one today for just $45.

Between all of the festivals, concerts, hikes, and camping trips this summer, you’re bound to have some sore tootsies. Treat them with some much-needed TLC using the FootVibe Pro — a powerful tool that combines infrared light treatment, high-frequency vibration, and acupressure to soothe pain, boost circulation, and get you back up and moving ASAP.

Usually $199, you can save 37% and get the FootVibe Pro on sale for just $125.

Want to improve your cooking skills this summer? Well, besides a Pinterest account and the willingness to make mistakes, you’re going to need some quality cookware. This Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama 12-piece set should help you on your way to greatness. Food will literally slide off the pan thanks to its award-winning Ti-Ceramic coating, making both cooking and cleaning that much easier. The set comes with a skillet, a frying pan with lid, four different sized pots with lids, and an aluminum steamer with a lid.

Snag it all on sale for $95 — 40% off the original price of $159.

Despite the powerful camera attached to your smartphone, you still need a little boost sometimes to make your photos look Instagram-worthy. This 11-in-1 accessory bundle has got your back. It includes a Bluetooth remote and tripod for remote selfies and such, a selfie light for night scenes, wide-angle, macro, and fisheye lenses for more creative shots, and a whole bunch of other goodies. 

Originally $129.95, you can snag this bundle for only $24.99 on sale. That’s 80% off.

Amp up your comfort this season with this Yaasa memory foam pillow. Rather than constantly flipping and fluffing your pillow, this one basically does the work for you by using moldable memory foam to contour to whatever position you sleep in. It’ll keep your head, neck, and shoulders aligned and stay cool throughout the night as well. That’s some next level comfiness.

Knock $10 off the original price and get the Yaasa memory foam pillow for just $69.

The beach is all fun in the sun until you get sand in your bottoms. That’s when the Lagu sand repelling beach towel comes in handy. If you’re headed to the beach this summer, it’s a must. Unlike ordinary towels, it’s made of a sand-repellant fabric that keeps the sand away. It also dries super quick so you can keep it fresh for your whole trip.

Usually $35 each, the Lagu beach towels are Choose between dark blue, light blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, red, or pink.

With seven ports built into one single hub, the GOSPACE SuperDrive can take your laptop connectivity to the next level. You can stop swapping out cables and expand your charging options with this single device. It lets you plug in your USB devices, SD and TF cards, ethernet cable, and HDMI cords all at once while delivering a staggering 100W of power to keep your laptop energized.

Usually $99.99, you can get the GOSPACE SuperDrive 7-in-1 Hub on sale for just $54.99 right now.

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