Silicon ValleyA user rides a Spin scooter on April 17, 2018 in San Francisco, California.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Silicon Valley residents live a completely different lifestyle than people in many parts of the US.
  • In Silicon Valley, it’s not unheard of to commute 10 hours to work, order a car that hasn’t even been designed yet, or pay $1 million for a condo in a sinking skyscraper.
  • Here are 10 crazy things Silicon Valley thinks are normal — but aren’t.


Living in or near Silicon Valley can sometimes feel like living on a different planet than much of the United States.

In Silicon Valley, it’s not atypical for people to work 80-hour weeks, accept payment via Bitcoin, or travel everywhere by electric scooter. According to San Francisco Business Times, commuters may venture 10 hours to work every day or live in their employers’ parking lots in an effort to avoid the surging real estate prices of the Bay Area.

As it has become a global hub for some of the world’s largest tech companies, Silicon Valley has transformed drastically, often shocking the residents who were there before the tech boom.

Here are 10 things that Silicon Valley residents do that might seem weird to everyone else: