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Young Trump supporters told the left hates America, ‘destroys everything’



WEST PALM BEACH, Florida — Thousands of young Trump supporters are gathered in Florida this week to hear a simple message from some of the most prominent figures on the right today: the left hates America and “destroys everything it touches.”

On the first night of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA‘s annual Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, attendees cheered as speaker after speaker bashed the left as an anti-American entity eroding everything the country holds dear.

“The left is a cancer in western civilization,” conservative radio host and writer Dennis Prager said as he began a lengthy speech to a crowd of mostly young people, many of whom wore red MAGA hats.

Prager went on to say that the left “destroys everything it touches” and “nobody hates like the left hates.”

The crowd seemed entranced as Prager listed various American institutions the left has supposedly dismantled, from the nuclear family to the NFL.

“You cannot believe a country has to be transformed and say that you love it,” Prager declared, contending the left has “utter contempt” for America.

Prager’s speech captured the theme of the night: portraying the left as an anti-democratic entity that is attempting to force its worldview down the country’s throat.

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YouTube talk show host Dave Rubin, who spoke before Prager, claimed that he’s a liberal and then went on to decry everything the left stands for in the present day.

“What’s happening on the center-right right now is you guys are having the debate,” Rubin said, accusing the left of being a close-minded, intolerant movement.

Candace Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA, echoed these messages as the last speaker of the day. She was introduced by Charlie Kirk, founder and director of Turning Point USA, as a “thermonuclear weapon” against the left.

Owens decried the identity politics of the left, calling for women to stand up to what she described as the “toxic culture of feminism” in the US today.

“Modern feminism is an absolute disaster and can I just say that what happened to Brett Kavanaugh is an absolute abomination,” Owens said to cheers from the crowd as she also suggested men who support “modern feminism” aren’t really men.

In a defiant tone, Owens later said, “I am not an African-American, I’m an American.”

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