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YouGov Poll: Lib Dems in first place in general election race



LONDON — An extraordinary new opinion poll has put the Liberal Democrats in first place, in the wake of major gains for the party in the European elections.

The YouGov poll puts Vince Cable’s party on 24% ahead of the Brexit Party on 22% and Labour and the Conservatives both trailing on 19%.

It is the first time the Lib Dems have led a national opinion poll in the UK since the height of “Cleggmania” in the run-up to the 2010 general election.

YouGov poll (changes with 17 May)

  • Lib Dem: 24% (+6)
  • Brexit Party: 22% (+4)
  • Conservatives: 19% (-5)
  • Labour: 19% (-5)
  • Greens: 8% (+2)

If repeated at a general election, it would result in a hung parliament with no single party able to form a government.

Despite being in fourth place, Labour would be expected to win 202 seats with the Liberal Democrats on 119 seats and the Conservatives on 110, according to the Electoral Calculus website.

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