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Why Huawei devices are not sold in the US



For the most part, you can’t buy any products directly from Huawei’s website if you live in the US. It will usually forward you to the website of a distributor, like Amazon or even Microsoft, to let you make the final purchase.

But only a small fraction of Huawei’s products are available to US customers, even through these indirect means; most products are entirely unavailable if you live in certain regions.

You can’t buy Huawei’s new MediaPad M5 Pro, for example, which looks just like Apple’s new iPad Pro. Huawei’s gorgeous Mate 20 smartphone is also off-limits in the US. You won’t be able to buy Huawei’s AirPods competitor, “FreeBuds,” either.

Will perceptions of Huawei ever change? Could Huawei ever become a major player in the US? Anything could happen, especially as leadership among companies and countries continues to shift. But for now, with tensions as high as they are, expect Huawei, and its products, to remain at a distance.

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