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Where 2020 Democratic candidates agree and disagree on the issues



At the first primary debates of the 2020 presidential race on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 20 Democratic candidates will be making their case for voters to send them to the White House. And for many of them, it represents their best opportunity to distinguish themselves before a nationwide audience in a crowded primary field.

Issues such as health care and climate change are energizing the Democratic electorate, but not every candidate shares the same approach to policy-making.

Some candidates, like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are running as crusaders for the middle and working classes who will tackle inequality with bold action. Others, like former Vice President Joe Biden, are promising to restore a sense of normalcy and bipartisanship in Washington before its politics was upended by President Donald Trump. Most fall somewhere in between and are maneuvering for support from the progressive and centrist wings of the party.

Here are seven issues that the 2020 candidates mostly agree upon, and where the dividing lines emerge.

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