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What we know about Kim Jong Un’s mysterious wife: Bio, photos, kids



Ri Sol Ju, the wife of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has for years been the subject of intense curiosity and international media speculation.

Despite her occasional media appearances alongside her husband, she reportedly won’t be joining Kim in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the summit with President Donald Trump this week.

Over the last year, Ri has become a fashion hit in China after the couple paid a surprise visit to Beijing, and she has been seen cultivating what appears to be a warm friendship with South Korea’s first lady, Kim Jung-sook.

But beyond her taste in fashion, few details are known about Ri, the woman who in 2012 was identified as Kim’s wife.

She is thought to be 29 now and a mother to three children, according to South Korean intelligence reports. But the Hermit Kingdom’s secretive government has not confirmed that information.

Ri doesn’t appear in public very often. She’s usually seen when Kim celebrates missile test launches, and is always photographed smiling politely, wearing clean-cut, pastel dresses.

She was reportedly born into an elite family — her father was a professor and her mother a doctor — but little else is known about her life, or how she ultimately became the wife of the world’s most notorious living dictator.

Here’s everything we know about Ri Sol Ju:

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