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What presidents, first ladies, and their kids looked like at same age



  • Have you ever wondered what US presidents, first ladies, and their children looked like at the same age?
  • We’ve combed the archives to find out.
  • By and large, the familial resemblance is obvious in America’s first families, like the nearly indistinguishable baby photos of Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha.
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The children of America’s presidents bear a striking resemblance to their parents, as evidenced by a set of images Insider has compiled, showing members of the first families at the same age.

Some were almost impossible to tell apart, especially as babies and toddlers. Richard Nixon and his daughters looked like triplets since they all had the same bowl cut at the age of 4.

The photos cover a wide range of ages, from the baby photos of Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha, to the graduate school snapshots taken of Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea.

Continue to see more of these comparison photos of America’s first families, from the Trumps to the Roosevelts.

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