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What is the Koch brothers’ net worth? See how they spend their wealth



David Koch is dead at age 79, his family announced on August 23rd.

Before David’s death, the Koch brothers were two of the richest people on Earth. With net worths of just over $50 billion each at the time, Charles and David Koch tied for 11th place on Forbes’ March 2019 list of the wealthiest people in the world.

And they’re also two of the most controversial billionaires out there, at least when it comes to their political contributions. Jane Mayer’s 2015 book “ Dark Money” outlined how the two Kansas natives reportedly used their fortunes to forge a formidable web of political influence, with the intent of promoting their libertarian values.

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Still, that never stopped the Kochs from clashing with figures on the right, most notably US President Donald Trump. The two brothers spoke out against Trump’s tariffs in the past.

So how did the Kochs come to amass so much wealth and wield such influence? The answer lies within the history of their family business: Koch Industries.

Here’s a look at how the brothers became billionaires in the first place.

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