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What Democrats running for president in 2020 have said about big tech



Harris hails from the heart of America’s tech economy, having served as San Francisco District Attorney, where she embraced “new tech to fight crime.”

But she’s also pushed back against the abuse of tech for surveillance.

In a letter provided to TechCrunch and sent to the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Harris, along with some other lawmakers, noted the possible bias in facial recognition technology and its ability to “misfire.”

Following the Google Nest microphone revelation, Harris told Business Insider in an email statement that: “Americans shouldn’t have to fear that the products in their home could be spying on them.”

“‘It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than seek permission’ or ‘it’s in the fine print’ are not workable privacy policies,” Harris told Business Insider. “But they’re ones that tech companies routinely fall back on.”

Source: Politico, TechCrunch, Twitter

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