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Warren and Sanders team up on ‘Medicare for All’ at Democratic debate



Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts went after former Maryland Rep. John Delaney for criticizing their “Medicare for All” plans in the Democratic primary debate on CNN Tuesday night.

Delaney, who supports a public option buy-in program for Medicare that does not eliminate private health insurance, called out the proposal backed by both Sanders and Warren as politically toxic.

Sanders quickly responded with two words: “You’re wrong.”

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“We should deal with the tragedy of being uninsured and give everyone healthcare as a right,” Delaney said. “But why do we got to be the party of taking something away from people?”

“That’s what they’re running on,” he added. “They’re running on telling half the country that your health insurance is illegal. It says it right in the bill.”

Warren immediately responded to Delaney, calling his remarks a regurgitation of Republican Party talking points.

“So let’s be clear about this. We are the Democrats. We are not about trying to take away healthcare from anyone,” she said. “That’s what the Republicans are trying to do. And we should stop using Republican talking points.”

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