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VIDEO: Boris Johnson heckled and told to ‘sort out mess you created’



Boris Johnson’s latest campaign speech was interrupted on Friday by a man shouting at him to go back to parliament and sort out “the mess you created.”

The prime minister was speaking at an event in the North of England, when a man shouted at Johnson: “Why are you not with them in parliament sorting out the mess you created?”

He added: “Get back to parliament Boris.”

Johnson replied that “I’m very happy to get back to parliament soon,” before the man was escorted out by security.

Watch Boris Johnson heckled during speech

The exchange came after a court ruled this week that Johnson’s decision to close parliament for five weeks was unlawful.

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The prime minister later denied that he had misled the Queen by advising her to suspend parliament. The issue will be ruled on by the Supreme Court next week.

Earlier on Friday Johnson was challenged by a woman during a walkabout in Doncaster.

The woman told Johnson that his spending promises were a “fantasy” adding that he had a “cheek” to boast about them people had died because of the spending cuts implemented by his government.

Watch Johnson confronted by woman on campaign walkabout

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