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Venezuela requests Interpol arrest warrant for own president Maduro



Nicolas Maduro venezuela
this photo provided by the Miraflores Presidential Palace,
President Nicolas Maduro stands at attention during a event
marking the 81st anniversary of the National Guard, in Caracas,
Venezuela, Saturday, August 4, 2019. Venezuela’s government says
several explosions heard at a military event were an attempted
attack on President Maduro. Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez
said in a live broadcast that several drone-like devices with
explosives detonated near the president. He said Maduro is safe
and unharmed but that seven people were

Presidential Palace via AP

Venezuela’s justice department requested an international arrest
warrant for its own president, Nicolas Maduro.

The department called for Maduro’s arrest on suspicion of
corruption in a letter to Jurgen Stock, the secretary-general of
dated on Monday

It said that Maduro accepted, directly or indirectly, funds from
illegal activity, and called for 18 years and three months in

The letter was sent from Coral Gables, Florida.

Maduro’s whereabouts are not clear right now.

More follows.

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