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US heat wave: Photos show people dealing with the hot weather



If you’re in the US, stay close to air conditioning or cold water — this weekend is going to get hot.

Across the United States, over 100 local heat records are expected to be broken. Most of those records will be over night. On Saturday and Sunday, highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit ranging all the way to 110 degrees Fahrenheit are expected. During the heat wave, for a lot of places, it’s unlikely temperatures will fall.

Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit are some of the cities that will bear the brunt of the heat.

In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared a local emergency. All tall office buildings have been told to raise temperatures to 78 degrees Fahrenheit to save power, and the OZY Fest was cancelled.

Here’s what people are doing to survive in the heat across the US.

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