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US government issues travel warnings in wake of coronavirus outbreak



  • The US State Department and CDC have both issued travel notices for countries affected by the Wuhan coronavirus.
  • As of Monday, the coronavirus has killed at least 2,600 people and infected more than 80,000 people in 35 countries worldwide.
  • The US State Department has issued the most severe threat-level warning for China, and strongly recommends that all US citizens avoid traveling to the country.
  • Here’s the US government’s guidance for countries that have reported cases of the virus.
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The US State Department and CDC issue travel notices to inform Americans about current health problems that may impact their safety abroad.

Due to the increased outbreak of the new coronavirus, the two government agencies have both issued multiple health warnings for affected countries. As of Monday, cases of the virus have been reported in 35 countries, with China hit the hardest.

It’s important to check these travel warnings before going abroad. The US State Department uses four levels of safety guidance to let Americans know what to expect from traveling to affected countries, from Level 1: Exercise normal precautions, to Level 4: Do not travel. The CDC’s guidelines range from Level 1: Practice usual precautions, to Level 3: Avoid all non-essential travel.

Here are travel precautions and guidelines the US government has issued for countries impacted by the coronavirus.

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