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Trump’s push for Afghanistan withdrawal may give ISIS a big opening



The Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K) is a growing threat in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan, staging suicide attacks on civilians and local security forces, as well as battling the Taliban for supremacy in Afghanistan.

There is even concern among national security experts that ISIS-K could launch attacks against the West from its position in Afghanistan.

The US is negotiating with the Taliban to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after 18 years of war; it’s also trusting that the Taliban will be able to keep ISIS-K from growing and launching deadlier attacks in the region — or against the Western democracies — which experts say the Taliban is unlikely to be able to do without outside support.

After the US began to withdraw troops from Syria and diplomatic support from Iraq, ISIS began to regroup in those countries — changing tactics and fundraising sources to take advantage of its new landscape.

As troop withdrawal talks between the Taliban and the US drag on, ISIS-K is becoming a pressing threat.

Here’s what we know about the extremist group wreaking havoc on the lives of Afghans and complicating US troop withdrawal.

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