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Trump vs Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz: timeline



While neither Schultz nor Trump were directly involved, the Trump cup incident revealed how Starbucks has become a political touchstone in the Trump era.

“We have a culture war to win,” Baked Alaska said in a Periscope video, encouraging people to tell Starbucks baristas that they were named “Trump.”

“If someone is getting so triggered, they can’t write Trump on a coffee cup at Starbucks and they’re crying liberal tears and they’re calling the cops, that’s insane,” the Trump supporter said in a video, in which he also complained about alt-right Twitter account suspensions and accused liberals of making white people and men feel guilty.

According to Baked Alaska, the purpose of asking baristas to write “Trump” on cups was to “trigger SJW” employees (SJW is an abbreviation for social justice warrior, a derogatory term for feminists and progressives). He says that asking to write Trump on the cups was a way to normalize Trump and the alt-right.

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