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Trump taunts Sanders and Biden after 2020 Democratic debate



President Donald Trump took time out at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, to taunt Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former vice president Joe Biden after both put in worse-than-expected performances at debate for Democratic presidential contenders.

“I am in Japan at the G-20, representing our Country well, but I heard it was not a good day for Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie. One is exhausted, the other is nuts – so what’s the big deal?” tweeted the president Friday.

On Thursday night Biden and Sanders took part in the second Democratic presidential primaries debate in Miami.

In the contest neither scored a clear win, and Biden was attacked by Senator Kamala Harris for his previous warm comments about segregationist senators.

Business Insider’s Grace Panetta wrote of the contest:

“While Biden and Sanders were attacked by their competitors over their long records in politics and had overall disappointing performances given their stature as current frontrunners, Harris shone through as a standout: establishing her credibility and putting Biden on the defensive over his record on race.”

Panetta also noted that Sanders stumbled in the contest, reacting poorly to challenges over his healthcare policies, and also getting into an awkward argument with host Rachel Maddow.

Trump has previously identified Sanders or Biden as his most likely opponent in the 2020 presidential election, and has already come up with insulting nicknames for the pair.

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