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Trump tariffs: Retail companies testify on China trade war



If the tariff is imposed, as buyers on the international market, American museums will pay a higher price to acquire and bring home to America works of art of Chinese origin. -Stephen Knerly, Association of Art Museum Directors

We understand the position of the President regarding the current trade relations with China, and we support realigning the trade agreements to correct the unfair trade practices. However, we are deeply concerned about the impacts of these tariffs on all the manufacturers who attempt to provide the equipment for what the American public calls its favorite pastime, fishing. -Glenn Hughes, American Sportfishing Association

If you remember nothing else I have said, US workers and US consumers will be hurt and foreign companies will be helped. -Harlan Kent, Pure Fishing Inc.

As a result of these tariffs, we will reduce capital investments in the US, reduce new product development, reduce hiring, and potentially go out of business. -Tim MacGuidwin, The Catch Company

We agree, the administration should address China’s discriminatory practice towards intellectual property rights, however we do not believe that imposing punitive tariffs on consumer hunting products will convince China to change its behavior. -Mike Powell, Primos Hunting

Please don’t put American jobs at risk by including codes that will not accomplish the goals of the increased tariffs. -Robert Beckwith, Velocity Outdoor, Inc.

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