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Trump tariffs: Manufacturing companies testify on China trade war



The application of the tariffs is effectively a tax on infrastructure that will negatively affect not just our port, but multiple US ports, damaging an important strategic objective of the US of modernizing seaports and improving US infrastructure and will cause disproportional economic harm to US interests by putting the economic health of our nation’s ports in jeopardy. — Glenn Wiltshire, Broward County Port Everglades Department

We have seen that these tariffs are adversely impacting American jobs. One of our members canceled the planned addition of 100 US jobs and some of our members have been forced to shift manufacturing out of the United States, which is contrary to the administration’s goals. — Jennifer Cleary, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

So, outcomes: lost jobs; direct investment by Chinese companies, Loftex and others. In our case, lost jobs estimate, 25 percent, maybe $600,000 in local jobs. Depending on the timeframe, it could be longer; it could be more. If the tariffs last longer, the impact on jobs goes up. — Charles Gaenslen, Loftex Home

By finally addressing China’s massive illegal trade activity in the textile sector, the Trump Administration could help direct new investment, production, and employment through the US-Western Hemisphere textile and apparel production chain. — Daniel Nation, Parkdale Mills

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